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The Plopsa Group

Today the Plopsa group, as part of Studio 100, exploits six spectacular theme parks located across Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

In Belgium Plopsaland De Panne opened its doors in 2000 and Plopsa Indoor Hasselt opened in 2005. In the same year Plopsa took over Télécoo and renamed it to Plopsa Coo in July 2006. Plopsaqua, the first themed waterpark of Plopsa, was proudly opened in 2015. 

In 2010 Plopsa went abroad with the opening of its first indoor theme park in the Netherlands: Plopsa Indoor Coevorden and in 2011 Plopsa took over Holiday park in Germany.

The parks welcomed in 2015 three million visitors. They all provide great days out for the whole family, with numerous attractions and entertainment to serve all age groups.

They are seen as a testament to the understanding of engaging with children and their parents, as they bring to life their most endearing and popular characters.

By moulding the characters and their magical environment into concrete, eternal life is created. Children are fascinated when they enter into the magical world of their favorite TV characters.

The Plopsa parks underpin the success of introducing a popular TV character into a theme park and are being considered as a showroom of our licensing program, that consists out of combining the magic of the famous characters with the fun of many top attractions in a unique setting.

Plopsa has been investing in a complementary team of engineers and architects to turn the imaginary world of the Studio 100 characters into real projects.  

For more information about our different parks, please visit the website www.plopsa.com